Homeless Prevention Program

"I don't
know where
I would be if
Friends Association wasn't there
to help me.
My son and I now live in our own apartment
and we are both thankful for Friends."

Our Homeless Prevention program helps families with children find or maintain safe, permanent housing. It balances financial assistance with strong case management services.

Initially our Case Manager meets with each family to complete an individualized family service plan. Throughout the program they work together to achieve goals which often include:

  • Maintaining employment
  • Increasing earnings
  • Paying bills on time
  • Learning to budget money
  • Increasing savings
  • Furthering education

fam 1As with our shelter program, families are referred to the medical, dental, support and counseling services they need.

One component of our Homeless Prevention program involves supporting families who are coming from a shelter or facing imminent eviction and homelessness. Securing permanent housing is often difficult for these people because they have poor credit and tenant records, limited incomes, spotty employment histories, or even criminal records. However, with the cooperation of local landlords who are willing to work with us and our families, we find units that are suitable and affordable. We anticipate our families will be able to live independently in twelve to eighteen months.

fam 2We also work with families who are struggling to maintain their housing. By providing immediate rental assistance we are able to save a family "in place." Sometimes the rental assistance we offer helps to bring them current on their rent; at other times it may involve partial rental subsidies for a longer period of time. In either case, keeping a family in their own apartment is extremely cost effective and, more importantly, it preserves the family's unity and avoids the trauma of homelessness.

Jeremy and Daughters Stay in Their Apartment

Jeremy, a truck driver for a construction company, was not working enough hours to pay his rent and bills. He had partial custody of his two daughters, but, in addition, had to pay child support. Jeremy fell behind in his rent and was facing eviction when he came to Friends Association. Nova Adams, our Homeless Prevention Manager, met with him and determined that  he and his daughters qualified for our program. After Nova contacted Jeremy’s landlord to explain how our program could offer support, the landlord agreed to collaborate with Friends Association. Jeremy has since been approved for Food Stamps and Medical Assistance, and he and the girls are doing very well. We will continue to offer this family case management and rental assistance over the next several months as they become self-sufficient.

Give the gift of security
to a family
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Your gift will help homeless families with children achieve lasting independence.

SOS Network
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Would you like to help families set up a new home? It's easy—join our SOS Network.


Wish List
Child's Photo Things our Children and Families always need:
  • Giant or Acme gift cards for food
  • Kmart or Walmart gift cards for clothing and other necessities
  • NEW bed pillows
  • Rite Aid cards for formula, diapers, medications (Rite Aid is walking distance from the shelter)
  • New twin size bed sheets, blankets, and bedspreads
  • New kitchen and bath linens
  • Paper products: paper towels, toilet paper, and napkins
  • Personal care items: shampoo, toothpaste, etc.
  • And for fun . . . movie gift cards
Please call Marie Paxson if you would like to donate any items on our Wish List. 610-431-3598, ext 201.