If you are experiencing homelessness or a housing crisis, please call 2-1-1 or text your zip code to #898-211

Board & Staff

“I volunteer because keeping a family together by providing the support that allows that to happen is society’s foremost responsibility”.

Rick Weber, Former Board Member

Board Members

Matthew Holliday, President
Barbara Diorio Swintek, Vice President
Lee Bohs, Treasurer
Maryann Nagel, Secretary
Brian Boreman, Immediate Past President
Michael Hazley
Joseph Keefer
Leslie Lavender Broderick
Maureen McBride
Frank Monterosso
Stephen Nicolai
Paige Simmons
Yolanda Van de Krol
Troy Vogt




Jennifer Lopez, Executive Director
j.lopez@friendsassoc.org | Phone: 610-431-3598, ext 222

Emily McClure, Director of Advancement
e.mcclure@friendsassoc.org | Phone: 610-431-3598, ext 204

Robin Meixner, Development Director
r.meixner@friendsassoc.org | Phone: 610-431-3598, ext 204

Lorri Sarosy, Business Office Manager & Grant Proposal Writer
l.sarosy@friendsassoc.org | Phone: 610-431-3598, ext 220

Laura Maloney, Executive Assistant
l.maloney@friendsassoc.org | Phone: 610-431-3598, ext 208

Jasmine Draper, Interim Volunteer Coordinator
j.draper@friendsassoc.org | Phone: 610-431-3598, ext 205

Rachel Cerrato, Social Media


Carolyn McKenna, Director of Operations
c.mckenna@friendsassoc.org | Phone: 610-431-3598, ext. 213

Indira Vasquez, Family Center Manager
i.vasquez@friendsassoc.org | Phone: 610-431-3598, ext 216

Roune Betts, Community Navigator
r.betts@friendsassoc.org | Phone: 610-431-3598, ext 223

Aparna Padsalgikar, Community Navigator
a.Padsalgikar@friendsassoc.org | Phone: 610-431-3598, ext. 219


Phone: 610-431-3598, Press 3