If you are experiencing homelessness CALL 2-1-1 FOR ASSISTANCE or TEXT YOUR ZIP CODE TO 898-211.

Friends Association helps homeless or near homeless families stabilize their lives, find and maintain permanent housing. Each year, we rely entirely on our generous donors and volunteers to support our mission. It may look like a high mountain to climb, but every little bit of help, both financially and with the gift of your time, makes it possible to sustain our families and give them the HOPE they need to better their lives. HOPE begins with you.


“I’m willing to do the work. I understand my choices have landed me here. I’m not looking for handouts, but sometimes when I’m juggling all of these things, I need some help.”

—Aleesa, a young mother


A recurring theme among parents seeking entry into our Emergency Family Shelter and Homeless Prevention Program is how hard they worked to avoid becoming homeless. By the time they reach our doors, most of our clients have tried everything to provide stable housing for their children. They’ve borrowed money for rent, taken second jobs, and slept on couches in relative’s homes. For some it is a matter of pride and some are fearful due to the way shelters are portrayed on TV and movies.

This is where you – and Friends Association – come in. Because you have given your time, resources, or both, we are able to help families like Aleesa’s get back on their feet.