Welcome Home Program

At Friends Association, success for our families means long-term stable housing.  We are here to give our families the space and resources they need to get there and empower them along the way.

A Welcome Home donation of $250 will help us provide essential items to our families transitioning to long-term housing.  Examples of items could be towels and sheets, laundry baskets, pots and pans, and other items that will help turn their new house into a home.  You may also choose to purchase items for one of our families directly from their personalized wish list.  Gift cards to places like local grocery stores, Walmart, and Amazon are also great ways to support families in this transition.

Together we are helping Chester County families experiencing homelessness find hope and healing but first….it starts with a home.

To make a Welcome Home Donation of $250, click here.

To purchase items for one of our families directly, please contact Jasmine Draper at j.draper@friendsassoc.org.

Gift cards and Checks can be mailed or dropped off at our offices located at 113 W. Chestnut St. West Chester, PA 19380.

Estate Planning

For most of us, leaving a legacy is important. Life is short, so making an impact on the world is our only chance to have lasting influence or importance. So how do you want to be remembered? We’ve all asked ourselves: “How do I want to be remembered?” It’s a big question that can inform some major life decisions.

If you are in a position to do something wonderful now, that’s great. We have some ideas of how you could help and we’d be happy to hear what you have in mind as well. We know that some gifts will arrive down the road, and we are committed to our mission today, tomorrow and into the future.

We would be honored to respond to your interest in making a difference in the lives of homeless families. Let us help you achieve your goal of providing care for homeless families in need.

We are encouraging you to plan with us. Please consider the following:

  1. Leave a bequest in your will or living trust.  A charitable bequest may take several forms.
  2. Name Friends Association for Care & Protection of Children as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy.
  3. List Friends Association for Care & Protection of Children as a recipient for your IRA or other retirement plan.
  4. Bequeath US Saving Bonds to Friends Association for Care & Protection of Children.
  5. Donate tangible personal property.
  6. Provide funds now to help Friends Association for Care & Protection of Children with capital needs or to support programs, projects or operations.