Our Approach

There is no one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter solution to family homelessness. At Friends, we take a holistic family-centered approach to providing services that transform lives.

Real solutions are as complex as the families who experience homelessness.  But if we truly want to end family homelessness in our communities, we must learn from and value the families themselves-the power and agency lie within the families themselves-and we must take the time to create real solutions for real families.

Friends Association’s Housing First model of service delivery recognizes that people experiencing homelessness-like all people- need the safety and stability of a home in order to best address challenges and pursue opportunities.

Homes are the anchor for family life, and the quality of one’s housing is an important determinant of health and economic outcomes.

Whether it’s maintaining their home or connecting a family back to home as quickly as possible, Friends provides the safety net while working within our community to connect people to the supportive services they may need to be stable and secure.

Housing First

Housing First is a research-based solution to ending homelessness that prioritizes providing housing to individuals experiencing homelessness as quickly as possible without preconditions.


A two-generation approach builds family well-being by intentionally and simultaneously working with children and the adults in their lives together.


Trauma-informed care is a service approach that acknowledges the widespread, long-term impacts of trauma, understands signs and symptoms of trauma, and responds by integrating knowledge about trauma into all policies and practice.


A Resiliency-Focused Community
identifies programs and best practices proven to build resiliency at both individual and systemic levels  & improves the health of the entire system by promoting restoration, health, and growth in ongoing ways.

Stories Of Home

Jeffery G & Son in front of Friends Shelter
Jeffery G and his family

As a child, Jeffrey G. stayed with us when his family was in crisis. His time as a resident at Friends Family Center left a deep impact on him and his future.

He has ended the cycle of homelessness for his family, continues to give back to Friends, and lives empowered by his past.

He shared this video with us.

I don’t think you guys will ever know how much you helped me, my mother and two sisters with giving us a safe place to stay!

Jeffery G.

OUR Programs


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Housing Stability


Nia House

All Of Our Programs Include:


Skill Development


Health And Wellness


Healing And Resilience Building


Child Services And Education

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