In order to enable families to maintain stable housing, they identify any barriers they may have to long-term self-sufficiency and create plans and goals to address these barriers. This can include everything from financial literacy to training for (and obtaining) better-paying jobs.

To empower families to succeed, Friends offers workshops and one-on-one sessions in parenting skills, financial literacy ( such as managing a budget and paying bills on time), the Prepared Renter’s Program, and organizational skills like managing a calendar. We work with families as they settle into scheduling their children’s events- school, after-school, medical appointments, etc.- as well as their own appointments for services, potential employers, and more.


The Prepared Renters Program (PREP) offers comprehensive education on assessing housing needs and locating housing, budgeting, understanding a lease, communicating with landlords, and understanding the eviction process.
Generally, only 5% of families in our prevention programs require rental assistance at any given time due to effective skills development.
94% of families are able to sustain their basic needs.