Volunteer Spotlight – Ranelle Murray

What drives a person to dedicate their time and effort to volunteering at Friends Association for Care & Protection of Children? For Ranelle, it’s the fulfillment she gets from knowing she’s contributing to a good cause. Growing up in the West Chester School District, Ranelle has A volunteer with a rakealways felt a deep connection to her community and sees her volunteer work as a way to give back to the community where she grew up. Volunteering alongside co-workers adds another layer of satisfaction for Ranelle. “It feels great! I love volunteering with all these people,” she shares. With many years at Vertex under her belt, Ranelle finds joy in coming together with familiar faces at Friends Association. “Who can beat that?” she exclaims, highlighting her colleagues’ camaraderie and shared purpose.

For Ranelle, working for a company that values community service is crucial. “Vertex is a great company that is very aware of its community,” she says proudly. Being part of an organization that actively engages in giving back through walks, fundraisers, and service days aligns perfectly with her personal values. Encouraging others to join in the spirit of volunteerism is also important to Ranelle. She often inspires her family, children, and grandchildren to get involved. “When the activity is age-appropriate, I will bring my grandchildren along to help or observe me volunteering,” she explains, fostering a legacy of community service in her family.

Ranelle’s passion for volunteering at Friends Association is driven largely by her concern for children. She recalls recently hearing CEO Joyce Chester speak about the alarming number of children experiencing homelessness in the West Chester School District. “I was shocked! I was a little embarrassed that I didn’t know the number was so high,” she admits. The mission of Friends Association, which focuses on keeping families who are experiencing homelessness together and ensuring the safety of children, resonates strongly with Ranelle. “That is something I love the most about your mission,” she concludes, expressing her admiration for the organization’s efforts.

Through her words and actions, Ranelle exemplifies the profound impact of giving back and the joy that comes from being an active and caring member of the community.

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