Bacon Gives Back! – Better Than Bacon Improv Group Donates to Friends Association


“Bacon Gives Back” is a fundraising effort from the local Improvisational Comedy group known as Better Than Bacon. The group recently held a fundraising performance at Uptown Theater in West Chester, PA for Friends Association and raised $750 for their mission. Better than Bacon Improv is a hilarious and talented improv group based in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Founded in 2012, the group has entertained audiences with quick wit and impeccable timing for over a decade. They can be seen regularly at local venues including Uptown Theater at the Knauer Performing Arts Center, The Kennett Flash, and The Media Arts Council.

“Bacon Gives Back” is the groups way of providing local nonprofits with a fun, easy way to fundraise. Not only does “Bacon Gives Back ” raise money for nonprofits, but the program also introduces a new audience to the venues hosting the events, and gives BTB visibility to audiences who may not ordinarily attend an improv show.  It’s a win-win-win for all parties involved. Better Than Bacon partnered with Friends Association because everyone deserves to have housing stability – Better Than Bacon Director, Lauren Henry.

Better than Bacon Improv is made up of an incredibly talented group of performers. Each member of the group brings their own unique style and sense of humor to the stage, creating a dynamic and entertaining show every time. No two shows are ever the same. The group has a diverse range of backgrounds, with members hailing from various parts of the region, including Chester County and Delaware. This diversity of perspectives and experiences is reflected in their performances, which are always fresh and unpredictable. Friends Association is so grateful to groups like “Bacon” who care enough about their community to hold fundraisers and benefit organizations like Friends in a meaningful and impactful way.

Pictured above from L to R is Friends Association’s CEO Jennifer Lopez, Better Than Bacon’s Director Lauren Henry, and Chief Development Officer at Friends, David James

by David James, Chief Development Officer