Do you love to cook? Did you know that a home-cooked (or pre-purchased) meal can make someone’s day? Then our Meal Train may be a great opportunity for you. Our Friends Association Meal Train is a network of community members who all believe in the power and impact that food and a home-cooked meal can bring to a family.

The first few nights after a family moves into our Family Center (Emergency Shelter) can be overwhelming. There are a lot of changes happening, they are in a new and unfamiliar environment and the stressors that come with being in a homeless situation are significant. We recognize their challenges and want to make this transition as smooth as possible. One of the ways we can support them is by removing the stress of where their next meal is coming from during those first couple of transitional weeks.

Our Meal Train volunteers fill in a sign-up sheet where they can choose a day and time to drop off a meal at our office. They receive all the information they need to know about the family such as family size, number of adults and children, and any allergies or dietary restrictions. Once the meal is dropped off at our office, our Shelter Manager will deliver it to the family at the center.

We have a very dedicated group of volunteers in our Meal Train. Recently there was an emergency situation with one of our families, and after reaching out to the group, we were able to quickly provide the family with two weeks’ worth of meals! These meals allowed the family to focus on overcoming their emergency situation and figure out their next steps without the added stressor of putting together food and meals for their children. We reached out to one of our volunteers, Vicki G., and asked her why she volunteers through the Meal Train.

“Why do I do this? It makes me feel good and it’s something I can do at this point in my life.” – Vicki G.

Our Meal Train is a truly impactful opportunity to make a difference for our neighbors. Each time we call upon them, we are blown away by their eagerness and the way they go above and beyond in supporting Friends through the Meal Train. If you are interested in joining our Meal Train or learning more about our other volunteer opportunities please reach out to Karina Olmeda.

– By Karina Olmeda